State and local taxes are increasingly complex and ever changing as state and local governments are in constant search for new sources of revenue and more aggressive in the application of existing ones.  Together with California’s penchant for direct democracy through the initiative and referendum process makes avoiding the unexpected tax trap ever more challenging.

At Turner Law, we fight for clients in every state and local tax forum – from theoretical discussion to initiative or legislative enactment and regulatory implementation, to after the fact controversy.  Our depth of experience in every facet of the state and local tax arena affords us a unique perspective, and our clients a unique asset, to construct a winning strategy to resolve their state and local tax problems.

Whether you want to know what is going to happen before it happens or an advocate with a seat at the table to ensure your unique circumstances addressed, we have the breadth of experience and contacts to assist our clients with navigating the legislative and administrative state and local tax arena.

When unanticipated tax exposure does arise, we can we can provide the type of robust defense necessary to resolve matters quickly and efficiently.

At Turner Law we have a reputation for collaborative work.  Because our advocacy is subject matter specific, we can work with your existing government affairs team and tax professionals, including other contract lobbyists, to achieve client objectives.